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Hey fitness enthusiasts,

les mills combat reviews and results

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My name is Jason today I will be giving you my review of the Les Mills Combat workout.

Les Mills combat workout is an MMA inspired workout that will boost up endurance while burning thousands of calories per workout.

Check out more details on exactly what the workout is.

On this page, I will give you my personal review of the Combat workout & provide you with an amazing eBook for free.

My goal is to create the perfect resource for people looking to try the Combat workout, as I wish I had when I was researching the workout.

I really want you to make the right decision when decided whether or not to get results with this product.


Here’s the scoop!


I was ashamed by the way I looked and I knew immediately I had to take action.

Sadly, the closest gym to me was about 15 miles away and due to a hectic work schedule, it seemed impossible for me to get a good workout.

I then thought to myself, “how can I get an amazing workout at home, without having to buy equipment?”

I remembered hearing about BeachBody and their famous products, INSANITY and P90x, from co-workers and infomercials.

While browsing around the BeachBody website, I came across Les Mills Combat workout.

Being an avid UFC fan, I had to try this.jess b results

Obviously, before I wanted to spend money on this workout, I had to hear what ACTUAL people said about this.

I spent hours on end reading different reviews, deciding whether or not this workout was for me.

The reviews I read were 85% positive.

I was SOLD!

The other 15% where from people who were already extremely athletic and didn’t find the workout as challenging as they liked.

Well, not being very athletic, I knew this was right for me.

I immediately went on their website and purchased the Ultimate Warrior Kit.trevor combat results

This kit came with:

  • A bunch of DVD’s, training gloves
  • A workout calendar
  • Nutrition guide
  • Measurement trackers.
  • Free Online Support

What more do you need to look good?

I found this workout to be extremely exciting, of high intensities, and fulfilled my need of wanting to learn MMA.

This workout kept me on my feet with their high impact movements; I knew I was burning calories.

I was constantly sweating and my heart rate was high at a comfortable rate.

Over the course of the 60 days, I dropped over 15lbs. of fat.

I quickly had a six pack for the first time in my life and was able to develop some lean muscle in the process.

The nutrition guide gave me a the truth about what I should be eating and how important diet is to actually see results.

I began to see lines and cuts I never knew I had.

The workout choreography was excellent and I honestly couldn’t wait for the next workout to see what Dan and Rach were going to throw at me.

Want to know how hard the workout is?

I give this program 4.5 out of 5 stars.

I deducted .5 starts because the gloves was something I wasn’t used to wearing.

All in all, this workout was absolutely amazing.


Here’s what to do!


I highly urge you to get your hands on the Les Mills Combat workout.

Vitamin & Mineral Ebook

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You can click the link below for fast access to the BeachBody order page.

When you purchase the Les Mills Combat Workout from this link, I will send you, for free, the Essential Vitamin & Mineral Report.

Due to lack of proper nutrition, we miss the necessary vitamins and minerals for optimal health and perfect functioning.

This report gives you everything you need for optimal health and the right balance of nutrients.

All the work is done for you. You’ll learn why multi-vitamins aren’t as good for you, how much of each nutrient to take and why you should be taking them.

Click the book to your right for a closeup view of the cover.

Send Me Your Receipt!

For access to the free report, simply email me a copy of your Les Mills Combat purchase receipt and I will immediately send you back your free copy of the Essential Vitamin & Mineral Report.

If your done with the workout, I ask that you please comment below to tell us your review & to further let everyone know the different experiences with the Combat workout.

I look forward to hearing your success stories.




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I tested out every workout in this program so I could bring you my ideas on it. I also tell a little secret about these weightloss dvd programs!

*I am NOT endorsed by BeachBody in any way*

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8 Responses to “My COMBAT Review”

  1. gina coppolino says:

    I’m bummed!!! I just bought this! I haven’t started it yet, I start at the end of April. So many people said they loved it but did say it was less intense than Asylum. I love kickboxing classes so I bet I’m not going to love this either. :( Thanks for the review!

  2. bhystera says:

    I disagree, I actually think it’s high intensity, but you have to push yourself. I strapped on A 10 lb weight belt and found that to really push it. It’s not extreme like insanity, but it’s Definitely intense. Especially if you do the full 60 days.

  3. Jayme Bales says:

    Well, intensity level is def subjective, that’s why I said “for me”, and if you add weight of course it’s gonna be harder. But I was testing the workouts as the majority of people would be doing them. Personally I just don’t think it is as intense as other programs I have done, like Turbo Fire, TapOut and Insanity, so it just doesn’t feel intense to me. I have trained my cardiovascular system pretty hard though.

  4. Jayme Bales says:

    Don’t be bummed! I didn’t dislike it, I thought it was a fun workout and I enjoyed doing it! There’s nothing wrong with a more moderate exercise program!

  5. bhystera says:

    You’re right when compared to those. The belt is what did it for me. Now that I think about it, you’re right, it’s not as intense, but it’s still fun. Middle range cardiovascular wise, crappy weight wise. I’m finishing this one up in two weeks and I’m off to p90x. I might stop out the kenpox with the combat 60. Worth buying though for sure.

  6. bhystera says:

    I think you’ll love it jina

  7. leakteamable says:

    Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts.

  8. Jayme Bales says:

    O yeah, it’s def fun! I didn’t care for the kenpo at all lol combat 60 much better workout!

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